quarg - Searching Quassel

Wolfgang Müller


quarg is a command-line search tool for Quassel. It supports connecting to both SQLite and PostgreSQL databases and has a wide range of search options. Mostly born of frustration with Quassel’s built-in search, quarg aims to be a simple and easily extensible search platform.

quarg is written in Python, enabling it to work on a variety of operating systems. It has successfully been tested on Linux as well as Windows machines.

Note: There are no compatibility guarantees with versions under 1.0.0; features may change in unexpected and exciting ways. No changelog will be kept for versions under 1.0.0 either, please consult the commit log instead.



Usage & Configuration

See quarg(1).

You can use quarg without installing it by invoking it like so:

python -m quarg.main <args>


quarg uses Python’s setuptools. To install quarg locally, run:

python setup.py install --user

This will put quarg into ~/.local/bin by default. You can also use pip to automatically pull in any unmet dependencies:

pip install --user .

Finally, if you happen to use Gentoo, feel free to use the ebuild in my overlay.


I plan to set up a more public venue for proposing changes and reporting issues with my software. For now, see the front page for contact info. Feel free to send patches with git-send-email(1) - see here and here for an intro.