weltschmerz - A terminal emulator in Vala

Wynn Wolf Arbor


weltschmerz is a small and simple terminal emulator built upon the Virtual Terminal Emulator widget. It’s written in Vala, supports clickable URLs and hyperlinks, can reload its configuration whilst running, and has basic search functionality.

weltschmerz in action

As a VTE app, weltschmerz supports practically every contemporary terminal emulator feature. It is built to be a stable and practical terminal emulator for daily use.




Usage & Configuration

See weltschmerz(1).


weltschmerz can be built with any POSIX-conformant make or with Meson. The latter may be interesting to distribution packagers or people already comfortable with this particular build system.

Note: if your Vala compiler executable is not named valac, you need to export the environment variable VALAC containing the correct name before you can build weltschmerz:

export VALAC='valac-0.42'


Run the following to build and install weltschmerz to the default location (/usr/local):

make install

The Makefile honors the environment variables PREFIX, DESTDIR, BINDIR, and MANDIR. For instance, if you want to install weltschmerz to your home directory, call make like so:

PREFIX=/home/user make install


Create the build directory and configure the Meson build like so:

meson build
cd build
meson configure

The build can be configured extensively; for more information, see meson(1). If you want to install weltschmerz to your home directory, for example, pass --prefix=/home/user to configure.

Once the build is set up, install weltschmerz:

meson install