New features in weltschmerz 1.5.0

Wolfgang Müller

Today, a bit more than 4 months since the last update for weltschmerz, I’m happy to announce 1.5.0, bringing new and exciting features to the terminal emulator. Just like with 1.4.0 most of them were designed and implemented by nortti. Thanks a lot!

Head over to the project page to download the new version right away, or read on to take a look at noteworthy changes.

Open with …

The 'Open     with ...' feature in weltschmerz 1.5.0
The 'Open with ...' feature in weltschmerz 1.5.0

The main new feature in weltschmerz 1.5.0, added in a9706ec, is the ability to add custom ‘Open with …’ handlers for the URI context menu. These are added to the new open-with section in the configuration file. For example, the handlers in the picture above are defined like so:

mpv = mpv --force-window=immediate --really-quiet %
ff-priv = firefox-bin --private-window %

Any occurrence of the % character will be replaced by the URI before weltschmerz launches the given program.

Changes to OSC 7 handling

To increase compatibility with systems and setups that do not understand or emit OSC 7 escapes, weltschmerz now falls back to obtaining its current directory from the procfs subsystem. Additionally, a new option ‘prefer-osc7’ has been introduced that controls whether OSC 7 should be preferred at all. See 71388f9 and 6f03994.

Small bugfixes and more internationalization

When matching URLs, weltschmerz now ignores punctuation at the end. This should make it easier to open up URLs in terminal-bound chat applications. Finally, version 1.5.0 contains a full Finnish translation of the manual.

That’s it for this update. See NEWS for the full set of changes, and 1.4.1..1.5.0 for all relevant commits.